Inspire to live differently!

New Workshops & Retreats starting this autumn 2020…


Hi, my name is Nicole!

I’m a joyful bundel of energy and love the challenge of living and working in different places, countries and with people of all kind of different cultures. Why? It provides me with inspiration and makes me a more humble human being.

In life we all have a choice – not always in the circumstances we live in, but in the way we perceive it. I want to inspire you the realize the choices YOU can make – moment for moment.

As tourism consultant, systemic coach & trainer and Yoga teacher I want to share this credo with the world!

Tourism consultant

Focus on:

  • Health Tourism
  • Wellness & Wellbeing
  • Destination Management

Coach & Trainerin

Focus on:

  • (Organizational & emotional) Coaching for expatriates and returners
  • Mentoring / Coaching for (young) adults in the field of career and/or life choice
  • (Intercultural) Communication
  • Stress management & relaxation

Yoga teacher

Focus on:

  • Relaxing Yin Yoga
  • Balancing Hatha Yoga
  • Unfolding Fly High Yoga