Because no matter what they say, 
you always have a choice.
You just don’t always have the guts to make it.
– Ray N. Kuili – 

About me

“A bundle of energy and joy, yet firmly routed into reality” – that’s what I am told. My warm and joyful, yet well grounded personality gives me focus and orientation for what counts in life.  Through living and working in numerous countries, such as for example the Netherlands, Bali in Indonesia or the Philippines, I was able to aquire a different perspective on life. Next to some pretty handy intercultural competence, I was able to connect with many different people from various backgrounds and networks – from the brain and the heart. Being able to adapt well to any context allows me to build bridges between initially differently seeming worlds, such as “business” and “spirituality”, only to realize that they have a lot in common anyways.  


I am convinced that a person can basically learn everything and does things with a good intention. An attitude that I first had to learn myself. So how does it work? We are conditioned to think in a certain way, create patters that were once useful. Some of them are not anymore and rather sabotage our endeavours. Through reflection on one’s own actions, thoughts and emotions, we can alter, step by step, with some good degree of patience 😉 the way we relate to ourselves, our fellow human beings and the environment. If you want to change the world, change yourself first. Inspire to live differently!


Intuitiv, empathetic, creative

The right hemisphere of our brain allows us to see the colors of life in their perfect chaos. Here’s what gets me into the flow:

  • The green green of nature – especially jungle, forest, trees in all variants
  • Conversations with inspiring people – sharing opinions, philosophizing about life and laughing
  • Alone-time – a date with myself to appreciate my own company
  • Coconuts – opening them myself, eating them with chilli and salt and then drink the delicious young coconut water

Logical, goal-oriented, structured

To satisfy the logic of the (left) brain, here is an overview of my career so far. Behind all degrees, education and courses, there was a genuine interest and determination in its content and the teachers behind – some of which became mentors and dear friends.

University education

Master of Tourism Destination Management, NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Breda, The Netherlands
Master thesis: “Bali as an incentive travel destination, An evaluation of the inbound incentive travel business”

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Leisure Management, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria
Bachelor thesis: “Service Design in Destination Management”


Yoga, coaching and energy work

RYS 200 Hatha Yoga teacher training (200h), Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram in Mysore, India

RYS 300 Hatha Yoga teacher training  (300h), Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram in Mysore, India

Professional systemic Coaching education (350h) & thereupon assistant trainer in the systemic Coaching education (350 h), European Coaching Association, Coaching Akademie Berlin, Germany

Fly High Yoga teacher specialization (35h), Radiantly Alive Studio, Ubud, Indonesia

Yin Yoga teacher specialization (35h), Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Ubud,Indonesia

Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga (120h), Course with Simon Borg-Olivier, Yoga Synergy, Sydney, Australia

Inner Dance Energy School, Pi Villaraza & Serena Olsen, Bahay Kalipay, Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Dorn-Breuß method, AWAI Health Center, Makati, Philippines