Tourism consulting

Destination Management

The visitor of a region or destination is perceiving experiences beyond any geographic or mental boundaries – continuously and seamlessly. In order to provide the guest with a smooth experience upon arrival, during the stay and after departure, optimal cooperation of interest groups is dearly required. Here, the focus is both on the internal destination development and on the communication to the outside. 

My focus

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Drafting development scenarios of a destination
  • Quality standards for micro and small enterprises in tourism (specifically for rural areas)
  • Development of practical tools and methods for trainings and capacity improvement programs


Swisscontact: Component manager for „Destination Management & Quality & Standards“ and „Education & Training“

Practical outputs:

  • Conceptual design and implementation of 8 toolkits: 5 operational (waiter, cook, receptionist, maid, travel guide), 3 management (marketing, finance, HR)
  • Guide book for young as well as seasoned tour guides in cooperation with the local associations of travel guides, focus Flores, Indonesia
  • Health information on dengue, malaria, rabies and general medical care, focus: Flores, Indonesia

Wellness & Wellbeing

Massage, a bit of sauna and maybe a facial. Is that the picture you have in mind when you hear “Wellness”? In times where more people than ever suffer from burn out, perceived of actual loneliness and consuming more anti-depressents than ever the requirements of “Wellness” have been completely changed in the past decade. Concerns are serious, and so is the wish, or rather need of people to experience Well-being on a deeper, more “holistic” level. A new age of luxury has started in which people care for community, nature and honest attention. Companies, specifically hotels only slowly have started to understand the necessity to adapt to the actual needs of the guests in order to remain competitive market participants. According to the latest studies (within Germany), the majority of wellness guests want to l”earn something” during their stay which later on can be of use in every day life. What a chance for wellness providers to step up and offer genuine products that really matter. 

Mein Fokus:

  • Individuell zugeschnittene Standort- und Mitbewerberanalysen
  • Trendanalysen im Bereich Wellness, Wellbeing & Potentialentfaltung
  • Passende Strategien zur Neupositionierung die auch vom Inhaber gelebt werden können


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