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Demnächst findest du hier neue Workshops zu den folgenden spannenden Themen:

  • Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra – Entspanntes Loslassen & Innehalten
  • Go with your Flow – Yoga für alle 4 Wochen des Zyklus
  • Outdoor Retreat: Wild Woman – Deine Urnatur entdecken


Date: 7-14 September 2019, Saturday-Saturday (arrive one night earlier to start fresh on the 7th of September)
Location: Croatia, Marina to be announced
Investment Retreat: € 1.250,- per person
Additional costs:

  • Food and drinks (+/- 10 euros/day)
  • Fuel, water, mooring /marina fees (5-10 euros/day)
  • Transport to and from the boat

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A week of Yoga & Sailing to re-connect to your inner world

For being able to take responsibility of the outside world, to fight for what you believe in we need to take care of the self. Being centered in your inner source of strength and having your reason for being on this planet clear supports your mission in the outside world. One boat, a bunch of ocean lovers and 7 days of exploration of your inner world.

What to expect?

Blue sky, turquoise water and a soft wind blowing through your hair… You look at the glittering ocean in front of you and feel the sense of freedom and connection to something greater. The simplicity of the moment allows the every-day hassles to float away and reconnect to what really drives you in life…

This is what it could feel like, joining our 1-week journey exploring the islands of the Croatian coast. While feeling like a pirate on our sailing boat, we will host regular Yoga sessions (Hatha, Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga) suitable for the experienced Yogi as well as for those who are new to it. Yoga sessions will mostly be conducted on land due to simple space limitations on board. Make sure to bring your own yoga mat or contact us if you don’t have one.

We will start the day with guided meditation sessions and breathing exercises (Pranayama) either directly on the boat or on land. Depending on where the captain is taking us, our daily dose of meditation might also be postponed to the evening. During these times of the day we completely focus on balancing your energy body, connecting to the areas that need specific attention in your mind, body and soul.

While sailing through the ocean smoothly we will take a little of our time to do a few simple exercises to ignite your curiosity, discover your playfulness and gain clarity for your goals in life. Yet, we also want you to have enough time for reading, writing, talking to people or simply observing the vastness of the ocean in silence. Note that we encourage you to step away from your mobile phone for the week. Turn it off completely or use it only for the essentials.

The weather and the conditions of the sea will guide us for the timing of our exercises. So while we do have a schedule we will check-in with mother nature every day to see what’s working and what not. It’s the best way to literally go with the flow and trust that all that needs to come will come in the right moment.

What else?

  • We’ll have to deal with using way less access to fresh water and power as we have conformed to with on our land-based lives. And it’s quite easily fine but it requires some shift in priorities and thinking.  Simplifying our lives is one of the most difficult but rewarding things for peace of mind and environmental conservation.
  • On board we work as a team. We share the tasks, operation, and sailing of the boat. We provision, cook, and sail as a team. Of course we’ll guide this process and are happy to teach what we know.
  • As crew we’ll share the costs for fuel,  moorings/marinas and food. We estimate this to be around 150 per person / week.
  • You’ll share a cabin with a fellow nomad. The boat we rent will be between 38-55 ft and will be sailed with 6-8 participants + skipper. Second week of September also still allows for sleeping outside underneath the stars. Bring you hammock and/or sleeping bag.
  • We do what we can to minimize our environmental impact. We sail as much as we can and use the motor as little as we can. We aim to provision as local as possible with as little plastic as possible. Preperation and doing your part is key.
  • This is a fish and meat-free trip. You’re ok with eating vegetarian style on board. For the reason it’s more environmentally friendly, it’s healthy, and it’s much easier on a boat.
  • It’s ok if you have no sailing experience. The skipper is qualified and can teach you the basics to help you become a competent crew member by the end of the week if you want.
  • Our eternal gratefulness. By participating in this event you are a founding supporting member of the Ocean Nomads movement which will greatly help accelerate the projects.

Your hosts

Suzanne van der Veeken
Nomad, Skipper, Explorer, FreeDive Instructor, KiteSurfer, Ocean Change-Maker, Free Spirit, Author of Ocean Nomad.

Suzanne turned oceanpreneur for the love of the ocean. As the ”Oceanpreneur” she connects people to the ocean, encourages for ocean adventure, and educates on conservation action. Online with blogs, books, and videos and offline with sailing expeditions, meet-ups, and by bringing eco pirates together in this Ocean Nomads Community. More about her on

Nicole Heidenreich
Bundle of energy, heart-connector, emotion surfer, globe trotter, yoga teacher and systemic coach.

Also, she can be found in the world of consulting hotels on wellness and wellbeing. A life in which switching roles between the “spiritual” world and the “business-led” world is on the daily agenda. Nicole wants to inspire people to trigger movement in people in many different ways to become aware of our privilege to have a choice. Having lived and worked in Bali, Indonesia for 5 years and in a couple of other countries (Philippines, Thailand, India, Netherlands, France, Germany, …) she realized the beauty and hardship of different lifestyles humans are adopting voluntarily and at times involuntarily. Being mindful and reflect upon the role we can take up in this world and keeping a smile on the face is the key to gradual change. More about her on


Travelling to and from the location & organization

The exact location will be announced soon…

As we board the boat on Saturday the 7th of September in the morning it may be a good idea to arrive at the location one day before and stay in a hotel for one night.

We will leave the boat again on Saturday and have a short debriefing talk on shore. After that you can continue your trip in Croatia or return back home.

We are looking forward to hosting you soon!



Fast facts

Date: 16-18th November 2018, Friday 08-19:00 I Saturday 08-19:00 I Sunday 08-16:00
Location: Innsbruck, Austria, Die Beraterinnen, Fallmerayerstraße 6, 6020 Innsbruck
Including: Breakfast & Lunch
Regular price: €349,- per person
Early bird: €319,- per person (registration until 30th October 2018)
Registration: Mail to or

Are you already alive?
This workshops allows you to discover important principles on self-leadership – the keys to long lasting happiness and success. Self knowledge opens up new possibilities and offers practical tools for your daily life.

What’s so special?
Contents discussed theoretically are implemented physically and emotionally by Yoga classes (Yin & Hatha Yoga). In addition, many specific group exercises will allow you to really experience what is talked about. This makes learning exciting, fun and sustainable. New perspectives are taken and gained and hence, can be integrated into every day life.

Your Hosts Tanja Knob & Nicole Heidenreich
More about Tanja on oder ECHT JETZT

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