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Your, my, our reality?

Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that life is unfair, others have it much better – they have something you want: more time, more money, a great partnership, loveable parents or are just happier than you for no apparent reason.

Your hamster wheel keeps spinning and the responsibility of every day life gets more and more nerve wrecking every day. 

Did you ever have these thoughts or feelings? Dont worry, you are not alone! As a matter of fact, everyone perceives its own reality in a very unique way. You may often focus your attention on all the things that are NOT possible, or that you are NOT able to do without any actual reason.

The good news? You can actually re-program you filter of perception of reality in order to take your life into your own hands and manage it sustainably – for yourself and your environment. The keyword is: change of perspective! Working with a coach is an ideal way to trigger your brain into simply considering other perspectives. This enables you to better understand your reactions and yourself, which will ultimately also affect your environment for good. Sometimes for this it is necessary to…

… simply do nothing and accept reality as it is or,
… radically change your environment, or
… finding your own unique way to live an inspired life “your style”

The most important point – YOU decide what happens!

I specifically focus on the following topics: Ich fokussiere mich besonders auf folgende Themenbereiche:

  • Supporting expatriates going abroad and returnees coming back “home”
  • (Intercultural) communication
  • Career and life orientation for (young) adults
  • Stress management & relaxation