Hatha Yoga

Hatha, often referred to as the basis for most other yoga styles, is a rater classic form of yoga. The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Hatha” is composed of the words “Ha” and “Tha” and stand for the complementing forces such as sun and moon, man and woman or hot and cold.

Why joining?

For whom?

Wie mitmachen?

Hatha Yoga combines active movement with a maximum or ease and relaxation. A class includes positions (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) as well as relaxation and meditation. During my classes your body get physical attention, yet at to the same degree find balance through deep relaxation. Through tension and relaxation you can drop deeper into the Self and simply let go.

Hatha Yoga is a great choice for you if ….

  • You want to start with yoga in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere guided by clear instructions (also focusing on physical alignment).
  • You are looking for some challenge derived from physical activity and mental focus in which your breathing and heartbeat stay in sync. You will leave with the feeling of “yes, I have done something for my body”, yet you will not feel excerted

Private classes @ your home, 60-90 minutes

Lunchbox for the lunch break at companies, 45-60 minutes

For my regular classes, have a look here …


Privat & individuell bei dir zu Hause: ab 60 EUR / 60 Min*

Drop-in classes: Preise in Kürze

Im Unternehmen für die Mitarbeiter: ab 70 EUR / 60 Min**

*Preisnachlass bei Buchung von Packet von 5 und 10 Klassen

**pro Person bei Gruppe von 2-4 Personen


Gratis Vorgespräch & 1.Stunde -50 %

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